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6 Best Fall Wreaths to buy now

Hi friends! When do you usually start putting up fall wreaths and porch decor? Did you know that the official start date for fall is September 22nd? No? I didn’t either until recently! I usually try to wait until September 1st! Here we are into late August and fall is coming around the corner whether we are ready or not! And now is the time to start thinking about buying a great autumn wreath for your front door for fall because the best ones usually sells out fast! I’ve searched the net for the 6 best ones to show you out there now and they all range from highs and lows in price. I am always drawn to wreaths that are much fuller, bigger in scale 24″ to 28″ because the fuller they are the better quality they are! Plus they just look much better scale wise on any front door! Think about it, you want to make a grand statement piece on your front door that just invites your friends and family in! I’ve tried to find different style of wreaths that may work with different paint colors of front doors. You always want a wreath that contrasts and stands out on a front door because otherwise what is the point of hanging a wreath if you can’t see it from the curb? Don’t you agree? I also tried to look for wreaths that look unique and not similar to what may already be out in stores. Those are the types of wreaths that are worth buying! All the links are numbered and posted for easy shopping for you! Have a great week friends! XO!

1.) Mixed Floral Pumpkin Wreaths 2.) Maple Leaves and Berries Harvest Wreath 3.) Dried Fall Leaves and Salal Wreath 4.) Fall Red Wreath 5.) Surrey Wreath 6.) Wine Magnolia Mauve Peony & Berry Wreath


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  • Susan Dobbs
    August 18, 2021

    I love these!! I actually have one from Walmart that I ‘ve had for years and love but it doesn’t show up well on the door of this house. 🙁 These are great suggestions.

    • Amanda Norris
      August 21, 2021

      Aren’t they great?! I love them all! Thank you so much Susan! 🙂

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