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Leopard Dinner Party

I love hosting dinner parties. I just love creating the ambiance and making the table beautiful. I especially enjoy the entire process. There’s something so therapeutic in it all. Do you feel the same way? I wasn’t looking for these leopard dinner plates when I wandered the store aisles. But once I saw them at Hobby Lobby, I knew I had to grab them! Sadly they don’t sell them online but you could try calling around your local Hobby Lobby store to see if they have any left! I also bought the crystal wine goblets from Kirkland’s a few weeks ago and they are now all sold out so I found another similar match for you! With the exception of the leopard appetizer plates, leopard dinner plates, chargers and crystal wine goblets everything is accurately sourced for you! I did try to find and replicate a similar dinner setting look for you! I hope you will like it just as much! Happy Shopping friends!! XO!

Pearl Napkin Ring Holder Pink Dinner Napkin Leopard Appetizer Plates Black and White Charger White Dinner Plate With Gold Trim Gold Silverware Crystal Wine Goblet White Table Cloth


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  • Susan Dobbs
    August 27, 2021

    Love this!! Very elegant with a bit of sass!! Perfect!

    • Amanda Norris
      August 31, 2021

      Hahaha! Definitely some sass!! Thank you Susan!! XO!

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