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Friday Favorites!

Hi Friends! It’s TGIF! Thank God It’s Friday! 😉 I’ve rounded up some AMAZING finds to share with you today! This beautiful gray initial H blanket is a HERMES dupe! And I’ve found it on Amazon! It comes in 4 different colors! It’s on my list to eventually to buy as I seem to collect a lot of blankets! All five of us love to cuddle up with a good blanket and watch movies, take a long nap or read a great book! Next item is this rattan scallop coffee table tray! The scallop detail is so unique and looks gorgeous in the whitewash color! I highly recommend it!! I have always been in love with all things Parisian and french antiques for a long as I can remember! I just LOVE this fun photography with the floating pink bubbles! It is SO cute! Don’t you agree?! This blue and white color ceramic garden stool is such a classic to add to any home! I have one in my bedroom right next to my nightstand! I use it to put stacks of books on it when I’ve run out of space on my nightstand! Pretty and functional! Win-Win! Last week I was out of town, visiting family and shopping with an old high school friend when I spotted this pretty crystal wine goblet in the store! I was instantly smitten and figured that I would just grab them when I got back to my hometown. Big mistake. I had called all of the nearby stores and they were out of stock so I had to order them online! I just knew I should have grabbed them when I had the chance! Ah. You live and learn right friends? 😉 This white little box with brass handle top is such a nifty little coffee table accessory to have! It’s big enough to hide your tv remotes in it while making your coffee tabletop look stylish! I’ve been on the hunt forever for a traditional floor to ceiling length mirror and most of them can cost anywhere up to a thousand or more! This one is currently on sale for a little over $500! Such a steal!! Don’t wait too long to act on this one if you’re in the market for one! I hope you’ve enjoyed my round ups and the rest I’ve linked for you! I hope you have a great and relaxing weekend friends! XO!

Crystal Wine Goblets Hermes Dupes Rattan Scallop Tray Photography Ceramic Garden Stool Marble Box

Floor Length Mirror XL Lumbar Pillow Gold Leaf


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