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Saves & Splurges!

Hi Friends! I’ve rounded up 3 different saves and splurges for you to go check out! I’ll start with the first one which is the 36″ round brass mirror for $350 for the splurge. The $80 save version is from Target and the only difference with it is that it is short by 34″ which isn’t that much! Next up is the rattan bell pendant lighting. I love the Serena and Lily one but it’s at a pricey $298 if budget isn’t a big deal for you? I’ve found the identical save option for you at this site for a steal at $80! Say whaaat?! What’s the difference you might ask? The splurge is smaller by 14″ in diameter and the save is by 16″ in diameter! For that alone, I would probably go for the save option to be honest with you! Last but not least is the faux fig tree! I currently have two in my house and to find the best realistically looking and affordable tree can be a challenge! But don’t worry, I’ve found you two great options! The splurge is this one for $300 and the save option is at $180. I have not found any differences in both faux fig trees as they are both six feet tall. I would say probably a slight difference would be on how full the top portion of the leaves are as the splurge does have a little bit more. And there you have it! I hope this helps you on the guess work if you are in the market for these home decor items! Have a great week friends! XO!


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